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Our Restaurant Menu

Every Day Meat Specialties
•    New York Steak Dinner: 8oz Ny steak cooked to order, served with baked potato & sweet corn on the cob…$15.49
•    BBQ Ribs: Center cut ribs coated in BBQ sauce & served with baked potato & corn on the cob…$13.49
•    Pork Chop: Served with a baked potato and corn on the cob…$11.49
•    Fajitas: Beef or Chicken, cooked with peppers & onions, served with refried beans, rice, & flour tortillas…$12.49
•    Carnitas: Pork, served with refried beans, rice, & flour tortillas…$11.49
•    Pot Roast: Roast beef, served with brown gravy, mashed potatoes & corn on the cob…$10.49
•    Chicken Breast: Served with baked potato & corn on the cob…$10.49
•    Chicken Fried Steak Dinner…Deep fried steak served with country gravy, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cobb…$12.49
•    Burrito: Beef or Chicken, cheese, beans, peppers & onions. Served in a flour tortilla…$9.49
Side Orders
French Fries/Chips $1.99 Coleslaw $1.50
Garlic Bread $1.50 Gravy $0.95 
Side Sauce $0.50 Baked Potato $2.49 
Sour Cream $0.75 Chile Dorado $0.50            Daily Specials 
•    Monday – Taco Platter:    3 flour tortillas stuffed with spicy ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, & cheese. Served with refried beans, Spanish rice, & salsa.
•    Tuesday – BBQ Beef Sandwich: beef slices smothered in BBQ sauce, served on your choice of bread & one side item.
•    Wednesday –Indian Taco: taco meat, seasoned pinto beans, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes served on freshly made Indian fry bread with salsa & sour cream. 
•    Thursday – Beef & Cheddar: slices of beef and cheddar cheese served on sourdough with one side item. 
•    Friday – Fish & Chips: battered cod served with chips & coleslaw. 
•    Saturday – Fried Chicken: served with mashed potatoes & sweet corn on the cob. 
•    Sunday – Malibu Chicken: broiled chicken breast, topped with ham & swiss. Served on a bun & one side.               Tu Ka Khan Eatery
Phone: (702) 864-2600 EXT: 225

$.50 per meal charge on all TO GO orders
Wraps, Burgers, and Sandwiches
All items served with a side of your choice; french fries, coleslaw, or potato chips 
•    Build Your Own Burger: choice of two toppings; cheese, onions, mushrooms, bbq sauce, or blue cheese crumbles…$10.49
•    Classic Club: ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, add cheese $2 extra…… $8.49
•    Grilled Cheese: your choice of bread & cheese, add ham $2…$6.99
•    Tuna Melt: on rye with melted swiss….$8.49 
•    French Dip: on a French roll, served with Au Jus…$10.99
•    Chicken or Beef Philly: grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms & swiss….$10.49
•    BLT: bacon, lettuce & tomatoes, your choice of bread…$7.49
•    Build Your Own Chicken Sandwich: choice of 2 toppings; cheese, bacon, mushrooms, grilled onions, bbq sauce or blue cheese crumbles, additional toppings $.75….$9.99
•    Patty Melt: on rye with onions and swiss….$10.49
•    Chicken Tender or Caesar Wrap: served in a flour tortilla… $9.99
•    Philly Wrap: grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms & swiss in a flour tortilla…$10.99
Soup of the Day: Made fresh daily! Ask our servers what today’s choice…$3.99            Breakfast
•    Two Eggs (any style): served with hash browns and toast…. $4.99
•    Two Eggs (any style): served with hash browns, toast & your choice of bacon or sausage…$6.49
•    Two Eggs & a Burger: served with hash browns & toast…$9.49
•    Deuces Wild: 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage patties, 2 pancakes or French toast, and hash browns…$$9.49
•    Ham Steak & Eggs: served with hash browns & toast…$9.99
•    Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs: covered in country gravy & served with hash browns & toast…$10.49
•    Corn Beef Hash & Eggs: served with home fries and toast…$7.49
•    Biscuits & Gravy: buttermilk biscuits covered with country gravy…$6.49
•    Breakfast Burrito: eggs, cheese & your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage wrapped in a flour tortilla. Served with sour cream & salsa…$8.49
•    Egg Sandwich: eggs, cheese & your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage on your choice of bread…$5.49
•    Pancakes: served with butter & syrup: Short stack: 2 cakes…$3.99
Pancakes: 3 cakes…$5.49 
French Toast: 6 halves…$5.49

One egg $1.49 Toast $1.49 Cheese $0.75 Sausage Patties $2.99 One pancake $2.49 Bacon Strips $2.99 Hash Browns $1.99
Ham Slice $2.99            Starters
•    Sampler Platter: chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, wings & potato skins. Served with sour cream, marinara & ranch…$10.49
•    Loaded Potato Skins: filled bacon, cheese & sour cream…$7.49
•    Mozzarella Sticks: served with marinara sauce… $6.99
•    Onion Rings: served with ranch..$5.99
•    Quesadilla: cheese & tomatoes. Add chicken or beef $2 extra…$6.49
•    Chicken Wings: your choice of hot, mild or plain with ranch …$7.99
•    Chicken Tenders: your choice of hot, mild, or plain with ranch…$8.49
•    Jalapeno Poppers: stuffed with cream cheese & served with ranch…$7.49
•    Chicken Cobb Salad: bacon, chopped tomatoes, egg & blue cheese crumbles on top of mixed greens, your choice of dressing…$8.99
•    Taco Salad: taco meat, cheese & tomatoes served over mixed greens in a taco shell with salsa & sour cream…$8.99
•    Chicken Caesar Salad: romaine, croutons & cheese tossed in Caesar dressing…$$8.99
•    Chef Salad: ham, turkey, swiss & American cheese, tomatoes & eggs over mixed greens…$8.99
•    House Salad: tomatoes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms & your choice of dressing…$3.99


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